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Exclusive Shoreline Cat Sitter

Fully Insured and Bonded--Dancing with meows since 2003.  Covering Essex,Westbrook, Clinton, Deep River, Chester, Killingworth, Haddam, and parts of Higganum.  This is not a complete list--if your town is not listed, please contact us and see if we have added your area!


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about us


A few of our paw pals 

Amanda's Paw Pals, LLC has been serving pets (and their owners!) Since 2003.  Amanda Yourse has worked in the pet sitting business since 2002.   Dancing with woofs and meows is her favorite thing to do!  She has a degree in Library Science but she felt the pull to keep up with the Paw Pals so she is devoting her life to being the best kitty sitter you will ever know.  Amanda and her helpers all participate in continued education so that we are always up-to-date on all the latest and greatest information for you and your fur-family.   Give us a try, you will be glad you called!

Although Amanda does the majority of the jobs herself, occasionally she needs to take time off.  When she does, she makes sure anyone who helps us in your home is as devoted and loving as she is (as well as covered under the bonding and insurance!) .  Providing love and companionship to your pets so you can breath easy is our goal!

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Our Services


cat sitting


Cat ballet  $23/visit

I think we can all agree that watching a cat slink along the living room is pretty similar to watching ballet.  Jumps, pirouettes, plie' and stretching that doesn't seem to be possible are par for the course in a kitty's day.  Even with all the aloofness of it all, your cat needs some human companionship daily.  We will come over to rub some bellies, play with some toys (laser pointer, anyone?!), provide clean water and fresh food, and clean out the litter box.  This visit isn't timed, although it averages 30-40 min. for up to 3 cats.

Chacha Visit   $17/Visit

Sometimes, we just need to ChaCha!  This dance is quick and down to the point.  We dance in to feed and love kitty. About 15 min. visit--no litter box attention at this visit :)

Kitty Zumba    $23/visit

You got a new kitten and you LOVE HIM/HER, but not necessarily the mess he makes when you are at work and he is bored!  Why should dogs get all the fun of a midday?!  We will come in and play with kitty for about 30 minutes are so,  tire her out so  Fluffy won't be quite so destructive while she is home alone all day!

Clean Sweep   $10/Visit

Who wants to clean up after Fluffy/Fluffi?  We do!  Sometimes you are just unable to scoop the litter--you are hurt, you are pregnant and can't, or maybe you just don't want to!  Let us help!  We will come in and scoop the litter, clean up around the box and refill if needed for you. **

*We typically do one or two visits daily, we don't do anything less than daily visits for felines!  If only one visit is required, it will be billed at the Cat Ballet price.  Since that visit is not timed, as much attention will be given as needed!

**The Clean Sweep is for litter box maintanence only, if you need food or medical help, we will help with that as well but will be booked as a ChaCha visit.



rates, discounts, and a few things...


meet & greet is always free!

This is always a free visit!  we drop by at an appointed time to get the lay of the land and make sure we are a good fit for your fur-family.  the meet & greet is typically about 15 minutes long (although they can totally go longer!) and we will get the info. we need to be the best for you.  the policies page will be emailed ahead of time (along with a page asking about your precious pets) so you can look it over and fill out what you can before the meet.   This frees the staff member who comes to meet you to focus on you and your pet instead of forgetting to write down something important :)  

Indoor plants watered, bringing the mail/packages and taking the trash to the curb on trash day are all complementary bonuses of using Amanda's Paw Pals, LLC. 

Extra watering (i.e. outside gardens or flower boxes) is charged at $5.00 per occurrence.

There is a holiday fee of $5.00 per visit on the following holidays--New Years Eve, New Years Day, Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.


The Cat Ballet and ChaCha Visits are built around up to 3 cats.  If you have more than that, or if you have a kitty who needs a little extra TLC, you will be billed an additional charge for the extra time.  




Payment can be made by cash, check, or Paypal and is expected on or before the first visit.

Cancellation Policy

Holiday and vacation reservations require payment ahead of time and cancellations must be made at least 30 days ahead of time to avoid a cancellation fee.  Cancelled holiday and vacation reservations will not be carried over into new bookings.





Send us an email and let us know what you need :)  A free meet and greet will be set up so we can see hands-on what you are looking for and set you up for future visits

How old is your pet, does he/she have any special needs we should be aware of?
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Let us know where you live--we will mapquest before the meet & greet to be sure you are in our 10 mile radius :)