rates, discounts, and a few things...


meet & greet is always free!

  • This is always a free visit!  we drop by at an appointed time to get the lay of the land and make sure we are a good fit for your fur-family.  the meet & greet is typically about 15 minutes long (although they can totally go longer!) and we will get the info. we need to be the best for you.  the policies page will be emailed ahead of time (along with a page asking about your precious kitties) so you can look it over and fill out what you can before the meet.   This frees the staff member who comes to meet you to focus on you and your feline instead of forgetting to write down something important :)  

  • Indoor plants watered, bringing the mail/packages and taking the trash to the curb on trash day (please let us know when it is!) are all complementary bonuses of using Amanda's Kitty pals. 

  • Extra watering (i.e. outside gardens or flower boxes) is charged at $5.00 per occurrence.

  • There is a holiday fee of $5.00 per visit on All major holidays


  • The purrfect playtime visit and zoomie Visits are built around up to 3 cats.  If you have more than that, or if you have a kitty who needs a little extra TLC, you will be billed an additional charge for the extra time.  




Payment can be made by cash, check, or Paypal and will be invoiced on the day after your return.

Cancellation Policy

Holiday and vacation reservations require payment ahead of time and cancellations must be made at least 30 days ahead of time to avoid a cancellation fee.  Cancelled holiday and vacation reservations will not be carried over into new bookings.