Who is our ideal client and why should they hire us?

Hi there! Amanda here. With the holidays approaching, I have been asking myself who my ideal client is and why they should choose Amanda’s Paw Pals for their cat sitting needs. Of course, I think we are the best :) But seriously, what makes us different from your neighbor’s son or your brother who doesn’t mind stopping in? And what about the other pet sitters in the area?

First off, we devote ourselves exclusively to felines. We take webinars and continuing education classes about cats only. We even recently found a pet first aid class that is strictly for cats, so when we do our renewal it will be in that class instead of the general pet first aid we usually take. All that is to say that cats are all we do—so we have experience with stuff that someone not in tune to felines may miss and we are a little more familiar with “normal” cat behavior.

I personally have been pet sitting for several years. I began working for a pet sitting and dog walking company in 2002 before opening my own in 2003. We took most animals (no spider or horse clients) for the first 14 years before focusing all our attention on the furry felines we love. Being a general pet sitter and dog walker was really great, but really getting to target in on one breed of animal has given me a satisfaction I can’t even explain.

So after all that, who do I look for when I get calls from potential clients? It can be summed up in one phrase—pet parents. If you don’t consider your pet to be another child or part of the family, you are not a bad person or even a bad pet owner. However, I consider your pets to be my friends and I don’t want you to think I am a weirdo hahaha. Seriously, though, if you think leaving food down and having someone come in the scoop the litter every few days is okay, I am not the cat sitter for you. I believe cats have personalities and feelings just like people and leaving them home alone for days with no human interaction at all is not good for their mental well-being. Not to mention the fact that a cat hides it’s illnesses until they are very sick a lot of the time so not having a daily visit at the very least could be life or death! And having the house checked on is an added bonus of having daily or twice daily visits to your fur-family. I just read an article about someone who left their cat alone for a trip and the cat turned on the water in the bathroom. By the time the person got home, their was considerable damage to the house and all it’s contents because the water had run for several days unchecked. If that person hadn’t just put down a bunch of food and extra litter boxes and figured it would be okay, they would not have the headaches they are going through right now with insurance and restoration.

So that is it, in a nutshell. If you think me talking about your cat like they are one of your kids is weird or off-putting, please don’t call. But if you agree that cats have feelings, too; we should talk!

kitty in trouble.jpg