Happy New Year!!!

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will be a great year!

Welcome to 2018!  Amanda's Paw Pals, LLC has gone through some major changes in 2017 to get ready for this amazing year.  The biggest was that we made the transition to feline fur-friends exclusively.  We truly love all our canine fur-friends, but we really want to focus on being the best cat sitting company in Essex, Westbrook, Clinton, Killingworth, Deep River, Chester, Haddam and surrounding areas.  Your cat deserves a pet sitter who is going to treat them like the specialty that they are!

We are always continuing our education of feline behavior and best business practices.  While others are watching Netflix, Amanda is watching a webinar :)  And, of course, our membership to Pet Sitters International, Pet First Aid, and the bonding and insurance through Business Insurers of the Carolinas remain current.

We have added a few different visits to our service list.  We have a new service for those insane kitties you got over the holidays that are wrecking your house while you are at work paying for the food and toys they enjoy (not to mention to replace the stuff they ruin lol).  Having someone dance in to play with them in the middle of the day just might curb those destructive tendencies!  Call to book a Kitty Zumba visit--you won't be sorry!

We also have a clean up service for those of you who love you kitties but can't (or just don't want to!) clean the litter box.  Called a Clean Sweep visit, we will come in, switch out the litter and clean the box.  Why should you have to give up your beloved because you are pregnant, have a bad back, or a broken limb?  You shouldn't!  Check out the website for details on these, and other visits offered by Amanda's Paw Pals, LLC.

It is going to be a great year!  Thank you for all your support.

Peace, Love, and paws!