What litter is the BEST?

For #feedbackfriday this week I asked what litter my cat people use and why.  Hi all, Amanda here.  Overwhelming responses came from my fellow pet sitters and they all said something other than the traditional clay litter I expected.  I personally like Tidy Cats scoopable litter, but I don't have a bunch of experience with anything else!  Therefore, I thought some research was in order.

The first litter that was mentioned was Swheat Litter.  I read a few reviews and they were okay.  The odor factor seemed to be an issue--everyone who reviewed it said it was fine if it was scooped at least twice a day.  It had good scoopablility and didn't track much, two other big pluses.

The second one mentioned was Walnut shell litter.  Blue Buffalo makes a great one.  The odor issue didn't raise any red flags and scooping was considered better than any others reviewed.  The only downside this one had was the dark color making it hard to see when the litter needed to be scooped.  I personally scoop the litter every day so that would not be an issue for me.  

One thing I didn't really research was price but I think that goes along with your needs.  You aren't going to buy a cheap cat litter that doesn't meet your basic needs (odor, trackability and clumping are mine!).  The summary is, you will have to try a few different litters until you find one that works with you and your feline family.  However, the choices are mostly really great!

Until next time, Peace Love and Paws!!